Schofield Barracks: Everything That You Need To Know

Schofield Barracks is one of the largest military barracks in Hawaii. To discover a few fascinating facts about Schofield Barracks, simply continue reading. As examples, you’ll get to read about the history of Schofield Barracks as well as its current use.

Schofield Barracks: Everything that you need to know

It is located in Honolulu County:

Schofield Barracks is a military installation which is located in Honolulu County, on the island of Oahu. One of the most populous islands in the state of Hawaii. Schofield Barracks is located in central Oahu and is located close to Wahiawa.

It was named after a Hawaii based Lieutenant General:

Schofield Barracks was named after Lieutenant General John McAllister Schofield. Schofield was posted to Hawaii in 1872 and was responsible for the creation of Pearl Harbor. Which is still used by the US military, to this day. It was created to defend and protect Pearl Harbor.

It serves as the current headquarters of the United States Army Hawaii:

One of the reasons why Schofield Barracks in one of the largest barracks in Hawaii, is that it serves as the current headquarters for the United States Army Hawaii.

It has a population of over 16,370:

By 2010, Schofield Barracks boasted a population of 16,370. As of 2010, over 2,900 military families resided in Schofield Barracks.

It is home to the Tropic Lightning Division:

Schofield Barracks has been home of the 25th Infantry Division, which is more commonly known as the Tropic Lightning Division, since 1941. Schofield Barracks If you visit Schofield Barracks you’ll be able to visit the 25th Infantry Division Memorial, which features four statues. Which represent the divisions’ lost soldiers who served in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Schofield Barracks has been featured in numerous films and TV series:

Some examples of films which have featured Schofield Barracks as a setting include Tora! Tora! Tora! and From Here To Eternity. It was also used as the setting for the TV show Tour of Duty.

It boasts an air assault school and a land navigation course:

Schofield Barracks features its own air assault school as well as a land navigation course and is used to train many soldiers who are posted overseas. Particularly to the Middle East and Japan.

If you have an interest in learning about key military locations in the US, hopefully you discovered everything that you need to know about Schofield Barracks.

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