5 Key Facts About CSM Yolanda Tate

To discover a few key facts about Yolanda Tate’s highly successful military career in the US Army, simply continue reading. As you’ll learn about some of the highlights of Tate’s career. As well of some of her unique strengths that make Tate an exceptional leader in civilian environments and military environments.

5 Key facts about csm Yolanda Tate:

Tate graduated from Colombia Southern University and Strayer University:

Yolanda Tate studied at Colombia Southern University where she graduated with a MBA in business management and also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Strayer University. While some individuals who intend on pursuing a military career

She attended the prestigious US Army Sergeants Major Academy:

During her military career, Tate chose the enrol in the US Army Sergeants Major Academy. In order to learn key leadership skills which she would be able to use throughout her military career. During this period of time, Tate learned about national security policies and strategies and economic and political power in both international and domestic contexts. Furthermore, at her graduation from the US Army Sergeants Major Academy, Tate was in the top 20% of her 645 fellow students. A remarkable feat that was a testament to Tate’s drive, focus and passion to serve the US Army.

Tate served the United States in the US Army for over 20 years:

Tate enjoyed a highly successful career with the US Army. As a result of her 20 years of service, Tate has extensive experience in executive level leadership, talent management and organizational development. All key skills which Tate can offer her future employers as a civilian.

Tate was a senior advisor and personal manager for over 3 years:

From June 2009 to July 2012, Tate led and mentored over 300 soldiers from a wide variety of backgrounds. As examples, some of the individuals who Tate mentored worked for the US Army in communications, engineering, logistics, the medical sector and the nuclear support sector. During this period of time Tate truely honed her leadership skills.

Tate worked on the Soldier For Life Transition Assistance Program:

From August 2012 to November 2015 Tate worked diligently on creating the Soldier For Life Transition Assistance Program. A role that Tate relished as she was planning her own retirement from the US Army at the time and wanted to help other retirees, transition to living successful, fulfilling civilian lives.

After serving her country for over 20 years, Tate has acquired a wide variety of skills which are adaptable to a wide variety of civilian industries.

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